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Established in France in 2008, United Way Tocqueville works in Paris and Toulouse to improve the quality of life of the neediest members of the community by leveraging financial and volunteer resources in support of local social solidarity initiatives in France. To achieve their mission, United Way Tocqueville brings together local, economic, political and social actors to initiate social projects and contribute by building vibrant communities that respond to the needs of all their members, especially the most vulnerable. United Way Tocqueville lives by the values of:

Compassion and Mutual aid by fighting exclusion and encouraging volunteerism in neighbourhoods.

Their partnerships with American and European corporate leaders, such as FedEx, Airbus, AT&T enabled them to develop innovative approaches and programs, working together towards educational success.

Their major education program is the Flying Challenge, allowing United Way Tocqueville to create conditions of success for vulnerable youth, showing them the importance of education in order to prevent school drop-out. This Challenge, designed with the Airbus Corporate Foundation, aims to inspire students and provide youth with mentoring opportunities to help them succeed in their academic and professional lives.